For the first time in market, a very healthy frozen dessert made by Golnazar Gourmet Ice Cream. Enjoy the fabulous taste of Golnazar Double Date Lite Ice cream. It is Date Sweeten, No Sugar Added, High in Fiber, High in Energy and Low in FAT.

  • Totally free from Egg and Gluten free

  • Perfectly prepared prepared in usa

Available in Sizes

  • Single Serve Cup
  • One Pint
  • One Quart
  • Restaurant Size

Allergen Info

  • This product contains MILK.
  • The milk and cream we use comes from cows not treated with rBST.
  • All Natural, No Artificial Coloring or Flavors. No preservatives added Gluten free cream.

We make the Best Quality Gourmet Ice Creams taste it now

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