Golnazar ice cream has a a rich history

As the family business grew, Hossain’s children learned from an early age their father’s secret recipe for success; not only when it came to making the ice cream and desserts but also with running a respectable customer focused company. As our customers and their taste pallets became part of our family, Golnazar Ice Cream takes pride in customizing flavors for the consumer. Now, after years of rave reviews and high demand.

Golnazar Ice Cream expanded to the United States in 2006. Hossain’s son Mehdi and youngest daughter Mitra follow his footsteps in sharing the internationally renown Golnazar Ice Cream and desserts right here out of the State of California in the United States.

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Golnazar Gourmet Ice Cream has now melted the hearts of Americans with its use of top quality ingredients and rich and unique flavors. With a time-tested commitment to excellence and legacy of crafting superior tasting ice cream, Golnazar Gourmet Ice cream has quickly become an international favorite among foodies, families and kids of all ages. One may even venture to say that Golnazar Ice cream could “hold a candle to” the finest Italian, French and American varieties of frozen treats.

“Bringing a smile with each scoop of Golnazar products is our family tradition,” has served as the motto for our sweet little business. And after one creamy spoonful, you will surely agree!.